Posted by: Gage L. | December 4, 2009

Future Alice

Who would Alice grow up to be? Would this dream impact or change her life? I believe that her life would majorly change because she just dreamt one of the most fascinating stories of all time. I’m not saying Alice would become a writer, but I assume she would take the initiative to make something out of it?

Who would she tell? I wonder if Alice would tell her parents or sister about her dream, but maybe she would be too scared that they would think she needs therapy or some kind of special help. Considering that, I don’t believe they would do that because she is simply a small child and everyone knows how wild children’s imaginations are.

The thought of Alice’s future is a pretty crazy thing, but I really would like to know what the future held for young Alice. Maybe she could grow up to be a teacher, or maybe even a writer, like Lewis Carroll.

The bad thing about this question is that it can’t exactly be answered but only visualized. You can turn her future into anything you want, but what do you really think would happen to Alice? What is the most logical thing for Alice to do with her life? Maybe you think it wouldn’t impact her at all. Who knows? I’m very curious to see other people’s thoughts, so please comment and let me know what else she could do with her life.

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