Posted by: Rachel M. | December 3, 2009

We are all Alice.

I find that the text hasn’t really endeared me to Alice. She doesn’t seem all that charming or lovable. It seems odd, (and I’ve said this before) if Alice we’re to fall off a cliff into a pot of molten marshmallows at the end of the story, I would suffer no emotional strife. Not very good on your part, Carroll. Maybe I wasn’t his audience. I mean, if his audience was Alice, he didn’t really need to endear Alice to herself. So that seems possible.

But, I do identify with Alice as a little girl.

As a younger kid, I feel like a was one of the last crusaders. Maybe one of the last kids on the planet to get home from school, throw my backpack on the floor, and run screaming into unknown reaches of my forest-esque backyard. I’d fight the wind until it was late-thirty or until I had too many scrapes.  I remember when I was little (and my mind hadn’t been spoiled by the knowledge that’s forcing me to analyze this), I felt things with more intensity, even things that didn’t exist. I remember when I was little, magic was real and I experienced it everyday when I was running from tigers and battling Egyptians. I guess childhood really links me to Alice and her predicament.

Maybe wonderland is the remains of untarnished childhood in our minds and we are all Alice lost in those old, sublime dreams.


  1. Your description of running into your back yard is wonderful. Even if you don’t enjoy analyzing Alice or comparing it to your life, I think you have a flair for language. Good job.

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