Posted by: Gage L. | December 3, 2009

The Chaos Theory.

Chaos is the order of the universe. In our realistic daily lives we use everything in our power to maintain the façade of control. I do not know one person who is not addicted to their phones, cars, PDAs, emails, etc… and tell me what happens when there’s a flat tire, your operating system crashes, or you lose service?

It’s easily described as entering a rabbit hole…and then the chaos ensues. When Alice enters her rabbit hole all chaos is broken out and she has no idea how to react to it. While entering this new world she realizes everything about her old world has been turned upside down. Everything that she does causes something else to happen resulting in tumultuous event.

Everyone loves to believe that they are in total control, when control is actually an intangible force. Chaos is waiting around the corner, waiting to smack you with a dose of reality.

For example, my reality is that I have two more posts I need to write before 5p.m. tomorrow. Am I in control?  I’d like to think I am. But what if I get home tomorrow at 4p.m. and my Internet is down? In walks the inevitable Mr. Chaos and stops me in my tracks, throwing all my control out the window. This is what happened when Alice fell into that mysterious rabbit hole: all control was lost.


  1. I like how you brought this down to a concrete level. I also like how you framed the idea of control within present-day technology. Nicely done.

  2. Ah yes, ‘chaos theory’; perhaps the only idea in Jurassic Park that was scientifically viable. The chaotic nature of the universe is an intellectual path well worth pursuing. I love your comment on ‘control’ my favorite song is dedicated to the very concept:

    “If you came to conquer, you’ll be king for a day.
    But you too will deteriorate and quickly fade away.

    And believe these words you hear, when you think your path is clear:

    We have no control.”

    Intriguing stuff, no?

    “Control is actually an intangible force.”- so true. We really are just paper in the wind, aren’t we?

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