Posted by: Rachel M. | December 3, 2009

No Solid Ground

We are all falling, just like Alice, but for us it is in a different way.

As readers of the book, we are falling because we have not been provided a floor, not because we have happened to fall down a rabbit hole. What I mean by this is that in the Wonderland that Carroll has created, anything and everything is both rational and irrational at the same time, giving us no basis for deduction. For the readers of the book, there is no foundation upon which to work out and illuminate the ideas that the book holds within.

It is almost feudal!

It seems the book hints and nudges towards so many fundamental concepts, yet in Wonderland, there is no way to truly make sense of any of it. It is just the nature of the beast. We are falling through a world with bits and pieces flashing by us, instead of being grounded in the sanity that allows us to come to the conclusions that we so desperately wish to make.

This seems like an error on Carroll’s part. He must have put those thing in there on purpose, right? But then again, how are we really supposed to get anywhere with any of it? We are provided no definite answers, so we must come to verdicts that are based solely upon half-baked ideas we have concocted ourselves (that may or may not have been what the author intended). I feel like there is no enlightenment in that. I also feel like it is lack-luster on the author’s part to leave the spectrum of conclusions so wide open.

Overall, I’m feeling more and more like Wonderland is nothing but the convoluted ideas of man. It is pointless to spend my time examine something in which I feel I will never find profound meaning. I feel that I am left to fend for myself and create meaning out of indefinite pseudo-treasure in this hypothetical Wonderland.

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