Posted by: Shannon L. | December 3, 2009

Do We Ever Escape?

If Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland does represent drugs, then in the end is her sister following her footsteps towards the addiction?

“So she sat on, with closed eyes, and half believed herself in Wonderland, though she knew she had but to open them again, and all would change to dull reality-“

These were the words that were used by Carroll to describe Alice’s sister, as she sat by the river, after Alice told her about her dream.

I believe in the end that Carroll uses Wonderland to represent drugs. The addiction to this place is very strong, as we saw from Alice’s experience.

After hearing about Alice’s ‘dream’, her sister can not stop thinking about Wonderland. Her addiction seems as bad, if not worse than Alice’s. Drugs can make reality seem interesting and sometimes better than it actually is. From the description Carroll gave, it seems to me, that Alice’s sister’s reaction to Wonderland is positive. Like Alice, her sister felt the intense craving and pull of Wonderland. This would make it difficult for Alice’s sister to want to come back to reality because she knew reality was boring compared to Wonderland. But eventually, she would come back to the real world.

I find it very interesting that Carroll ended the story with Alice’s sister dreaming of Wonderland. Why didn’t he end it with Alice just waking up? It’s like we never really escape Wonderland.


  1. It’s an interesting connection you’ve made, but I politely disagree. Wonderland isn’t an additction to drugs. It is simply childhood, no addiction involved. Alice’s sister sits and savors the youth of her vibrant sister but knows she (as an adult) can never go back to wonderland. Alice’s trip isn’t some psychedelic experience, but rather the magic of being a child.

  2. I think I have a response to both parts of your blog:

    The addiction to Wonderland is not caused by an addiction to drugs; it’s an addiction to ideas. It’s a place where everything is possible, but what is already possible. The line about “Dull reality” seems to help this point by saying that the craving she desires from “Wonderland” is one of excitement and hilarity, not of a deep addiction nipping away at her very being.

    The reason I believe they included Alice’s sister in this story is because they wanted to prove that this isn’t just Alice. That everyone has the potential for their own Wonderland they just need to find it.

    And no we never do escape; we will forever want to go back to Wonderland.

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