Posted by: Gage L. | December 3, 2009

Can Reality be a Dream?

Through out the story, all your mind can ponder is whether or not Alice is in a dream or reality, or maybe she is simply on drugs?

When finishing the book you are finally told that this magnificent Wonderland was just merely a dream. As Carroll begins to unfold his ending, it pretty much eliminates the options of Wonderland being real. Does it bother you that everything you just thought might have a possibility of being reality was just torn to shreds? Well, I honestly believe that Carroll did not want to end the story this way but also didn’t want to leave you hanging on a limb. We could get all complicated and say maybe it was a dream inside a dream, or maybe she woke up and could stumble across another thrilling adventure, but then we’d be wasting our time playing the “what if” game. It is really interesting to me that some say a dream can be reality, and reality can be a dream.

I disagree with this because I only believe that a dream can become reality but reality will never be a dream.

Reality is defined as real things, facts, events taken as a whole, or something that happens in actual life. A dream is defined as a succession of images, thoughts, or emotions passing through the mind during sleep, or an aspiration or goal. After defining both of these terms we can see that reality cannot be a dream. You can live your dreams in reality and much more but when you are in reality it cannot be fake.

This is my thought about the question. Please if you disagree with me, I’d love to hear your thoughts.


  1. I really enjoyed reading this post Gage. First, I would like to say that yes, it did bother me just a little bit. I mean seriously, how great of an ending is “oh and it was all just a dream.” boring. boring. boring.

    I agree with you on the fact that he needed a way to end it because he didn’t want to leave us with any more questions. The dream ending is always an easy, happy way to end any story, especially one that was turning pretty ugly. Although you mentioned others playing the “what-if” game, I believe it is just fun to think of what would have happened if it wasn’t a dream. What do you think Alice would have become? Just a question for thought.

    Now moving onto the dream vs. reality debate. I disagree because I do think reality can become a dream in rare cases. What if someone was in a bad car crash and ended up with very serious injuries. Wouldn’t the reality they were living before the car crash now become a dream for them to return to? In my opinion, dreams can definitely turn into reality and in rare occasions, reality can turn into dreams.

  2. I agree with you to a extent. A dream can become a reality, and for many people this has happended. But can reality become a dream? I guess it could if you dream about your life. But this is a tricky question. I believe that even though all of this was just a dream Alice walked away from this with much experience and knowledge.

  3. I agree with you in this situation. You made a very good point when saying a dream can become a reality. People always need to have dreams can be the same thing as goals. If you really work hard at that goal then it can become reality.

  4. Very interesting. I don’t necessarily agree that reality can never become a dream. Haven’t you even had a reeeally good couple of days, and then a teacher decides that you don’t have enough homework and you’re good days are over? That’s when reality can become a dream. Because those good days WERE a reality, but now that’s over and you’re stuck in a pile of homework, dreaming about those good old days. Or it can just be that you’re reality is so good at the moment that dreaming of reality is the best there is. With your statement “when you are in reality it cannot be fake.” is interesting, but whoever said that dreams are fake? There are many different types of dreams (which I won’t go into or we’ll be here for weeks), and some of them are very real.

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